TOKYO TEYANDEI - The Story Teller's Apprentice -
Special Screenings Sivaji The BossSpecial Screenings BAKARHYTHM THE MOVIESpecial Screenings Remington and the Curse of Zombadings
Closing Event The Drifters Tribute Concert It's live! Everyone Gather!!!
Red CarpetComedy Award of Honor,Special Screenings of The Drifters
Short Film Competition SHITA COME Grand Prize 2012Eiga Hiho Festival
Voice Actors’ Live Stage 2012Director Kenji Uchida - Comedy Film Seminar
Tribute Screenings - KIHACHI MEETS COMEDY -The SHITA COME Dream Match: Toei Manga Matsuri vs. Toho Champion Matsuri
DVD & Blu-ray Data presents the Straight to DVD Comedy AwardsFamily Event KAMI USAGI ROPE - The Last Day of Summer Vacation -
Taito-ku Film Commission Program MENGEKI!
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