Short Film Competition SHITA COME Grand Prize 2012

16 September 2012 (Sun) Open15:10 / Start15:30
Asakusa Chuei Theater 

SHITA COME Grand Prize 2012 Juries
In its fourth year, the SHITA COME Grand Prize-our own short film competition for original comedy films of under 20 minutes-will screen the top 10 films from the preliminary competition, as well as two “U-25 Special Category”titles. As in the past, we have invited a panel of top-notch juries, and look forward to deciding the winners of the Grand Prize, the Runner-up Prize, the Audience Award and the U-25 Special Award with you! We will also be showing an avant-title of the festival directed by last year’s winner, along with the special screening of “Little Kyota Neon Hood”, a Seiko Ito recommendation. Be there to witness the first steps of new talent about to open up a whole new world of comedy.

Jury Members
Seiko Ito, Lily Franky, Hisahiro Ogura, Kichitaro Negishi

Grand Prize & Audience Award
『フィガロの告白』(天野千尋監督)が「グランプリ」「観客賞」 のダブル受賞!おめでとうございました!

"The Confession Of Figaro"
(2012 / Japan / 20min. / Live Action)
Director:Chihiro Amano
Summer vacation is here, and the usual group of four junior high boys meet at their secret base. Encouraged by their own talks and erotic imaginations about girls, they decide to go for it and confess their love to the girls they like.
The Confession Of Figaro

Second Prize

(2012 / Japan / 20min. / Live Action)
Director: Akihide Tanitsubo
A young couple welcome their long awaited baby. But the baby seems to have an air of an old man…The baby talks courteously but also acts very much like a baby. How should the couple cope with their “old” new baby?
Copyright: (c) 2012 TEAM BALBOA

U-25 Special Award

(2012 / Japan / 19min.7min. / Live Action)
Director: Yumi Hayama,Makiko Nishimoto
My mom is so loud and nosy. I’ll never be like her!

Kotatsu-Man(2012) / Hello,Mr.Baby…(2012) / sugar coat(2012) / 1010−sentou−(2011) /
Namekuji Theatre in the movie(2012) / The Confession Of Figaro(2012) / Two people(2012) /
Thursday 8:00p.m.(2012) / Yabukan!(2012)

"U-25 Special Category" nominees
Until they become a pigeon(2011) / Love at first sight(2011)  

Seiko Ito’s Recommendation
Little Kyota Neon Hood(2012)


"Homecoming" ( Directed by Keishi Kuroki ) rejected the nominees because the film offend against the application agreement.

(2012 / Japan / 19min.58sec. / Live Action)
Director: Kenji Iwaisawa
Yoshiro was planning to spend New Year’s Eve alone relaxing in his kotatsu. But things run out of control when mystery man Goto pays his annual visit.

"sugar coat"
(2012 / Japan / 2min.55sec. / Animation)
Directors: Togo Takuro, Kanemoto Arisa
Apart from its literal meaning, “sugar coat” can mean “candy-coat” or “beat around the bush”. This film is a story of a man who is hiding something from women.
sugar coat

(2011 / Japan / 6min.49sec. / Live Action)
Director: Shuichi Kimura
When pubic bathing houses used to be the social mingling spot for the people, “Red Mask” was the children’s super hero. Saotome, who plays the role of Red Mask, and Kusakabe, his worthy rival, would bathe together after shootings to build their friendship.

"Namekuji Theatre in the movie"
(2012 / Japan / 9min.48sec. / Live Action)
Director: Shinya Matsumura
An omnibus film. Kikuchi: The TV shopping operator won’t listen to him, so the man turns into a complainer...Episode 4, Goto: A girl just starting off as a TV presenter takes on the challenge of interviewing a grumpy famous director...

Namekuji Theatre in the movie

"Two people"
(2012 / Japan / 13min.38sec. / Live Action)
Director: Manabu Oda
It’s almost Christmas and Watanabe is told to come to a river bank by her co-worker at her part time job. Surprisingly, it wasn’t so that he can ask her out, but instead, they end up waving their hands in the air, waiting for a UFO to take notice. What can possibly turn up in front of their eyes?
Two people

"Thursday 8:00p.m."
(2012 / Japan / 10min.37min. / Live Action)
Director: Seiji Ohara
Obeying orders from Murakami, an older friend, Naito arrives at a small cafe, where Naito is told to persuade Takahashi, Murakami’s friend, to undertake an “evil” plan.
Thursday 8:00p.m.
What is the "U-25 Special Category" and "U-25 Special Award"

What is the "U-25 Special Category"?? This category is set specifically for directors aged 25 or below. Of the applications that meet this criterion, films noted for their excellence will be forwarded to the final review under this category.
What is the "U-25 Special Award"?? This award is given to a film that has made it to the final review and is selected as the best film in the U-25 Special Category. Upon receiving this award, the winning director will be nominated automatically for the final review of the SHITA COME Grand Prize in the following year.
"Until they become a pigeon"
(2011 / Japan / 5min.42sec. / Animation)
Director: Saki Muramoto
Two pigeon chicks play around with and fight over a single piece of food as they grow up to become adult pigeons.
A “U-25 Special Category” film
*A “U-25 Special Category” film
Until they become a pigeon
"Love at first sight."
(2011 / Japan / 5min.55sec. / Animation)
Director: Ryosuke Oshiro
“Love” sometimes begins without warning. That’s when you fall in love at first sight. Don’t you think we are all entitled to that feeling, men or women? A love story of college students.
*A “U-25 Special Category” film
Love at first sight.
Seiko Ito’s Recommendation  
"Little Kyota Neon Hood"
(2012 / Japan / 20min. / Live Action)
Director: Satsuki Okawa
Kyota lives alone with his mother. He always carries with him his English vocabulary notebook and a safety hood for disaster protection. One day, his English teacher Tim, who had gone back to his country after the earthquake, returns …
Little Kyota Neon Hood
(C)Little Kyota Neon Hood

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