Comedy Award of Honor Special Screenings of The Drifters

15 September 2012 (Sat)Open14:10/14:30 "Zundoko zundoko Zeninshugo!!"
16 September 2012 (Sun)Open12:10/12:30 "Drifters desuyo! Tokkun tokkun mata tokkun" / "Maikohan dayo Zeninshugo!!"
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Auditorium 

Comedy Award of Honor, The Drifters
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The Comedy Award of Honor is granted to those who provide joy to people through comedy and laughter. This year, the award goes to the legendary comedy group,The Drifters. Director Yusuke Watanabe's powerful Drifters films are quite the opposite from their hit TV series “Hachijidayo Zeninshugo (It's 8pm. Everyone Gather!)”, as they radically depict “internal strife” during Japan's mid-Showa booming economy and oil shock of the 60s to 70s. We are proud to present to you the best selection from the 16 Drifters films that director Watanabe shot under Shochiku Co., Ltd. and Toho Co., Ltd.

The Drifters The Drifters

15 September 2012 (Sat)
"Zundoko zundoko Zeninshugo!!"
(1970/Japan/89min/SHOCHIKU Co.,Ltd)
Cast:Yumiko Nogawa, Mie Nakao, Shunji Sayama
Kato fails to elope with his lover Ayuko. In an awkward turn of events, he finds himself heading for Tokyo with gang member Samekichi.

Zundoko zundoko Zeninshugo
© 1970 SHOCHIKU Co.,Ltd

16 September 2012 (Sun)
"Drifters desuyo! Tokkun tokkun mata tokkun"
(1969/Japan/87min/TOHO Co.,Ltd, WATANABE PRODUCTION Co.,LTD)
Cast:Sanae Nakahara, Yoko Yamamoto, Ichiro Aoshima
It's a string of bad luck for the five ex-prisoners trying to get back on their feet. Their new junkyard business is their last hope.

Drifters desuyo! Tokkun tokkun mata tokkun
© TOHO Co.,Ltd

"Maikohan dayo Zeninshugo!!"
(1972/Japan/94min/ SHOCHIKU Co.,Ltd)
Cast:Kyoko Yoshizawa, Gannosuke Ashiya, Junzaburo Ban
Convinced that they are descendants of important figures in history, Chosuke and his buddies go on a spree to find a maiko (geisha in training) to save their geisha house.

Maikohan dayo Zeninshugode!!
© 1972 SHOCHIKU Co.,Ltd

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