Taito-ku Film Commission Program MENGEKI!

16 September 2012 (Sun) Open10:00 / Start10:20
Asakusa Chuei Theater 

Taito-ku Film Commission Program MENGEKI!

Loads of famous scenes born from the Old Town!
A live theatrical show at a ramen shop! Youthful entertainment for all those feeling lost.
ゲストSyou Aoyagi (GekidanEXILE), Shintarou Akiyama (GekidanEXILE), Kousei Amano

(2012/Japan/99min./ Distributed by MEDIA4)
Director:Ryo Shiki
Cast:Syou Aoyagi (GekidanEXILE), Shintarou Akiyama (GekidanEXILE), Mayumi Ono, SASTUKI, Gitan Otsuru, Takatoshi Kaneko, Shingo Kazami, Noboru Takachi, AKINA, Kousei Amano, Kazuhiko Kanayama
Hongo is approaching 30. He has made up his mind to give up his dream of becoming an actor, and settle down with Miyuki. Miyuki, who does not want to worry her sick mother, lies that Hongo’s ramen shop is so popular that they are going to get interviewed on TV. Unfortunately her mother decides to come see the interview, so Hongo gathers his acting friends from high school to pull off an act. But on the day of the fake interview, things don’t turn out as planned…

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