Tribute Screenings - KIHACHI MEETS COMEDY -

15 September 2012 (Sat) Open11:10 / Start11:30 "Aa Bakudan"
15 September 2012 (Sat) Open14:10 / Start14:30 "Chikagoro Naze ka Charusuton"
15 September 2012 (Sat) Open18:10 / Start18:30 "Dokuritsu Gurentai"
Asakusa Chuei Theater 

Director Kihachi Okamoto feature celebrating the 88th anniversary of his birth - KIHACHI MEETS COMEDY -
Kihachi Okamoto created 39 films in his life.
Kihachi Okamoto worked on various themes, including war films and period films.
Kihachi Okamoto shot serious themes using rhythmic tempos.
Kihachi Okamoto had a critical mind that gave him the power to see tragedies objectively.
Kihachi Okamoto had a passion for comedies.
Kihachi Okamoto is attracting a lot of attention again.

guestsHirotaro Honda, Mickey Curtis, Mineko Okamoto


"Aa Bakudan"
(1964/Japan/95min./ Toho Co.,Ltd.)
Director:Kihachi Okamoto
Cast:Yunosuke Ito, Fubuki Koshiji, Ichiro Nakatani
The sixth generation boss of the Daimyo Yakuza mafia, Daisaku Daimyo, attempts to regain his lost mafia family with the help of his loyal bomb maker Taro. They plan their revenge with a brilliant idea, the“bomb in a pen”, but it doesn’t quite go according to plan...A musical film with a mix of totally different styles of music.

Aa Bakudan
©TOHO Co.,Ltd
"Chikagoro Naze ka Charusuton"
(1981/Japan/116min./ KIHACHI PRODUCTIONS CO., LTD. ATG)
Director:Kihachi Okamoto
Cast:Go Riju, Yu Fujiki, Ichiro Zaitsu
Having committed a crime, in jail, Jiro Okonogi meets a group of seedy middle-aged “officers” who claim to be running the independent Kingdom of Yamatai. He ends up living with this group, but one day an unexploded bomb is found underneath the Yamatai home...

Chikagoro Naze ka Charusuton
©TOHO Co.,Ltd

"Dokuritsu Gurentai"
(1959/Japan/108min./ Toho Co.,Ltd.)
Director:Kihachi Okamoto
Cast:Makoto Sato, Koji Tsuruta, Toshiro Mifune
Just before the end of the Second World War, an ex-sergeant in search of how his younger brother came to die at war joins the so called Dokuritsu Gurentai, a unit of the army containing only the roguest. Pretending to be a war correspondent, he struggles his way through to find the truth about his brother’s death. A “Western” film done Japanese style.

Dokuritsu Gurentai
©TOHO Co.,Ltd

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