Director Kenji Uchida - Comedy Film Seminar

17 September 2012 (Mon/Holiday) Open10:00 / Start10:30
Asakusa Chuei Theater 

Director Kenji Uchida - Comedy Film Seminar
(C) 2008「アフタースクール」製作委員会

Director Kenji Uchida never fails to delight the audience with his surprise endings, which are skillfully plotted by maneuvering time and using deceiving hints and unexpected turns of events. How does he create and write these skillful and meticulous scene plots? We look into his world through the making of the "Key of Life", now playing in theaters.

"After School"
(2007/Japan/102min./Distributed by KLOCKWORX)
Director: Kenji Uchida
Cast: Yo Oizumi, Kuranosuke Sasaki, Masato Sakai, Takako Tokiwa , Tomoko Tabata
A naive middle school teacher and a seedy private detective are forced to pair up to search for their missing ex-classmate Kimura. Just when they thought they found him, they learn it’s not the end of the story…

After School
(C) 2008「アフタースクール」製作委員会
(2001/Japan/104min./Distributed by Pia Film Festival)
Director: Kenji Uchida
Cast: Takashi Nakagiri, Maiko Kumazawa, Daigo Yokota, Kenji Uchida
Heartbroken and listless, Kensuke was wasting his days when a friend gives him a drug that “will give him confidence and happiness”. In despair, Kensuke takes it all. But when he wakes up the next day, he finds he has totally lost his memory of the previous day…


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